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Main Useful Means of Transport

Before the start of the civil conflict, the total rail network of Syria was estimated at 2,750 km. However, all international routes operated by Syrian Railways have been suspended.

Similarly, the total length of the road network was estimated at 97,401 km, with 19,490 km of paved roads (including 1,103 km of expressways) and 77,911 km is unpaved. Nevertheless, much of the country’s infrastructure has suffered serious damages during the civil war.

Damascus International Airport is the largest in the country, serving the capital city and the surrounding region. When fully operational, the airport saw over five million passengers pass through its terminal. Other important airports are those of Homs (Palmyra Airport) and Aleppo (which is an international airport).

The country’s main port is the one of Latakia, on the Mediterranean Sea. Since 2019, Iran leases parts of the port of Latakia for civilian and military use.

No freight transport data is available for recent years.

Port of Baniyas
Information on Syrian ports including the port of Jablah
Port of Latakia
Port of Baniyas
Aleppo International Airport
Bassel Al Assad International Airport Latakia
Damascus International Airport
Deir-Ez-Zor Airport
Kamishly Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Syrian Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
Syrian Ministry of Transport
Road Transport Organisations
Syrian Ministry of Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
General Establishment of Syrian Railways

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