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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

According to data by the World Bank, agricultural sector contributes 19.9% of GDP, employing an estimated 82% of the workforce, mainly for subsistence agriculture (the main crops being cassava, plantains, maize and coffee). The industrial sector accounts for 41.6% of GDP and employs 11% of the active population, especially in the mining sector (the country’s largest source of export revenue). In fact, the Democratic Republic of Congo is endowed with vast natural resources: beneath its soil (the DRC is Africa's second largest country) there are abundant deposits of copper, gold, diamonds (an estimated 30% of the world’s reserves), uranium, cobalt ore (world's largest producer), coltan, oil, and many other minerals. The tertiary sector contributes 34% of GDP and gives employment to 7% of the workforce.

Sector-specific professional associations

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Congolese Marketplaces

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