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Legal Forms of Companies

Private limited liability companies
Number of partners: maximum fifty
Capital (max/min): no minimum capital requirement; however, a minimum investment capital of USD 50,000 is a prerequisite for an investment certificate
Shareholders and liability: the liability of its members is limited to the amount of shares respectively held by them
Companies limited by guarantee
Number of partners: maximum fifty
Capital (max/min): No minimum capital requirement
Shareholders and liability: Each member of the company commits to contribute to the firm's assets in case it is dissolved.

Business Setup Procedures

Setting Up a Company Malawi Sub-Saharan Africa
Procedures (number) 7.0 7.5
Time (days) 37.0 21.3

Source: Doing Business - Latest available data.

The Competent Organisation
The Department of the Registrar General is the competent organisation that handles the incorporation procedure.
For Further Information
Consult Doing Business Website to know about procedures to start a business in Malawi.

Financial Information Directories

Dun & Bradstreet - Worldwide directory with financial information on businesses

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