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Consumer Profile
With a GDP per capita based on PPP of Int$ 41,510 (IMF, 2021) and a median age of 29.7 years (CIA Wolrd Factbook, 2020 est.), the average Kuwaiti consumer is one of the wealthiest worldwide and is around the same age as the average consumer in most other GCC countries. Kuwaiti nationals comprise only a third of the population and there are significant income disparities among expatriates depending on their origin (Western, Arab, East Asian) and position in the job market. Kuwaiti consumer is a city-dweller (Kuwait being one of the first most urbanised countries in the world with a rate of 100% - World Bank, 2019 latest data available). They are also avid online shoppers with 2.4 million individuals (out of 4 million) already using e-commerce services.
Consumer Behaviour
Kuwaitis see their purchasing power fluctuate with oil prices. Ever since the 2016 collapse, consumer spending has been constantly growing reaching a 5.4% annual growth in 2018 (World Bank, latest data available). However, the COVID-19 pandemic has harmed consumer spending, leading to months of decrease. It is in 3Q20 that consumer spending started increasing again due to the pent-up demand for consumption. Since October 2020 the initial boost was quickly replaced by consumers' doubts concerning the recovery of the economy and the labour market. (National Bank of Kuwait, 2020). Less affluent consumers are also concerned with a possible decline in government subsidies, from which they have benefited over the last years.
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