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Consumer Profile
With a GDP per capita of USD 4,360 (IMF, 2021) and a median age of 23.5 years (CIA World Factbook, 2020 est.), the average Jordanian consumer is young and less wealthy than their neighbours south across the Gulf region. Jordanian commercial activity is concentrated around Amman and in large provincial cities such as Aqaba, Zarqa and Irbid. There are considerable differences in consumer behaviour within the country. The local population of Amman has a more Westernised taste, especially young Jordanians with higher exposure to global brands and trends, while the inhabitants of the rest of the country have more traditional lifestyles and more conservative consumer habits. Jordan also has a relatively high level of economic disparity (Gini coefficient index of 33.7 points, 124th worldwide - CIA World Factbook, latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
Jordan has been traditionally price-sensitive but consumer behaviour is changing rapidly to a point where most Jordanians spend more than their income (There is a JOD 1,000 gap between annual income and spending according to Jordan's Department of Statistics' latest data available). Also, young people (aged from 0 to 29 years), who represent 62.9% of the total population (Jordan's Department of Statistics, 2019), are very fond of technological innovation and spend a considerable amount of their income on telecom products and services. A real and effective after-sales service is also considered to be important by most Jordanian buyers. In the field of clothing, brand names are much sought-after.
Consumers Associations
The Jordan National Society for Consumer Protection (NSCP)
Main Advertising Agencies
Insight Group

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