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Consumer Profile
With a GDP per capita of USD 2,570 (IMF, 2021) and a median age of 20.3 years (CIA Wolrd Factbook, 2020 est.), the average Ivorian consumer is as young as consumers in most other neighbouring countries but richer than all of them except the ones in Nigeria. The average consumer is not well-educated with a school life expectancy of 10 years, compared to 9.3 years in Africa and 12.4 years in middle-income countries (World Bank, latest data available). The country is also marked by economic inequalities, with a Gini coefficient score of 41.5 points (58th worldwide) (CIA World Factbook, latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
Ivorian economy has posted one of the strongest performances in Africa over the last years, with steady GDP growth, stable currency and solid infrastructure, which have all influenced consumer behaviour in the country. Ivorian consumers are still attracted to traditional retailers where bargaining is allowed and products are presented in a simpler form, however international and local retail brands (Carrefour, Bonprix, CDCI) are increasing their market share: 52% of consumers buy most of their grocery needs from open markets as opposed 35% of consumers that prefer supermarkets according to a Nielsen survey (latest data available). Consumers remain price-sensitive (42% of them know the price of most items and realise when there is a price change according to the same survey) and store loyal (46% of consumers rarely change stores). Consumer spending is expected to remain strong in the coming years, while the franc's peg to the euro limits inflation, unlike other African countries with a floating exchange rate regime.
Consumers Associations
List of consumer associations affiliated with FACACI
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