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Business Practices in Uzbekistan

Opening hours and bank holidays

General Information
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan
Uzex, Goods and primary materials Stock Exchange of Uzbekistan
Exchange, Agro-Industrial Stock Exchange of Uzbekistan
Gki, State Committee for public goods
Investuzbekistan, Invest in Uzbekistan
Opening Hours and Days
Public service offices are open from 9h00 to 18h00 from Monday to Friday.
Companies are open from 9h00 to 18h00 or from 8h00 to 17h00 from Monday to Friday
The weekly days off : Saturday and Sunday.
Shops are open every day from 8h00 to 21h00.

Public Holidays

New Years Day 1st January
Military Services Day 14th January
Women's Day 8th March
Navruz 21st March
Victory Day 9th May
Independence Day 1st September
Teacher's Day 1st October
Day of the Uzbek Constitution 8th December

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