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Work conditions in Ukraine

The Active Population in Figures

Labour Force 20,417,45920,207,72819,461,889

Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database

Total activity rate 66.48%66.58%66.64%
Men activity rate 72.99%72.96%72.86%
Women activity rate 60.44%60.65%60.83%

Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database

For Further Information About the Labour Market
COE, Labor migration
Statistics on the Ukrainian labor market

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Working Conditions

Legal Weekly Duration
44 hours for services and trade and 48 hours for industry.
Retirement Age
55 for women and 60 for men. For women, it is gradually being increased to 60 since 2011. It will reach 60 in 2021.
Working Contracts
Employment contracts are regulated by law, collective agreements and individual negotiations. Employees have a probation period that can last between 1 and 3 months. There are three employment contracts: Permanent, temporary and provisional.
Labour Laws
Consult Doing Business Website, to obtain a summary of the labor regulations that apply to local entreprises.

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Cost of Labour

Minimum Wage
UAH 6,500 per month since 1st January 2022 (official governmental sources)
Average Wage
Gross average monthly wage: UAH 14,577 (source: State Statistics Service, January 2022).
Social Contributions
Social Security Contributions Paid By Employers: 22% of the gross remuneration (capped at 15 times the minimum salary).
Social Security Contributions Paid By Employees: 0%

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Social Partners

Employer Associations
UCCI - Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Social Dialogue and Involvement of Social Partners
The Federation of Ukrainian Trade Unions, which unites 44 unions and 26 regional associations, brings together more than 10 million members.
Labour Unions
Ukrainian Trade Union Federation
Unionisation Rate
The Ukraine has nearly 15 million unions for an active population of 22 million people.
Labour Regulation Bodies
Ministry of Social Policy

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