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After a decade and a half of steady growth, Pakistan's GDP per capita has seen its first decline in years: USD 1,260 in 2020 (IMF), ranking somewhere between Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The population is booming with youth aged 0-24 accounting for 55.31% of the total in 2020 and a net growth rate of 1.99% in 2021 (CIA World Factbook estimations).
While the income inequality is relatively low compared to its region (Gini index score of 33.5 points, 154th worldwide - United Nations Development Programme, latest data available), Pakistan offers a wide range of consumer markets, owing to its large population (over 216 million, fifth-largest in the world - World Bank, latest data available).
Pakistani consumers are now becoming more and more brand conscious. This trend is generating demand for some products that were previously unknown in the country, particularly in sectors like apparel and household consumer durable items.
Despite increases in wages, Pakistani consumers continue to spend an important share of their income on basic needs such as food (39.5% of consumer expenditures) (Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
Pakistani consumer is traditionally price-sensitive owing to their general low income; however, household wealth has been growing steadily in recent years (+18.3% between 2015 and 2019 - HIES, latest data available) and the burgeoning middle class is among the top 20 largest in the world (Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, latest data available). Consumer confidence has been boosted to a great extent by improvements in political stability and security conditions. Consumers have more disposable income, which they spend increasingly on holiday and electronics.
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