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Accounting and accounting rules in Mozambique

Accounting Rules

Tax Year
The tax year is the calendar year. A different tax period can be allowed only when a company is more than 50% owned by an entity that has adopted a different tax period.
Accounting Standards
IFRS standards must be adopted by all listed companies, public companies, companies with a majority state shareholding, banks and other medium and large companies.
Accounting Regulation Bodies
Mozambique Tax Authority
Accounting Reports
The annual accounting report has to include a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and a cash flow statement.
Publication Requirements
All legal entities must file annual returns by the 31st May following the end of the tax year.
Professional Accountancy Bodies
The Mozambique Association of Accountants and Auditors (OCAM)
Certification and Auditing
All public companies are required by law to be audited. Regarding private companies, a statutory auditing is mandatory for PLCs and branch offices, while it is not for LLCs and representative offices.
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