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Maldives has a population of around 550,000 people, with a GDP per capita (PPP) of USD 30,888 (IMF). The World Bank classifies the country as an upper-middle-income economy. Maldives has a low poverty rate, but poverty is heavily concentrated in atolls: by the national poverty line, poverty in atolls is 10 times as high as in Malè (World Bank), with 92% of the poor population residing in atolls. Overall, Maldives remains the most well-off country in South Asia, whether considering per capita GDP, international poverty rates, or the Gini Index.
Maldives' population is young: the median age is 29.5 years, with people between 0-14 years old accounting for almost one-fifth of the total population (22.13%). Other age groups are as follows: 15-24 years 17.24%, 25-54 years 48.91%, 55-64 years 6.91%, 65 years and over 4.81% (CIA Factbook).
Around one-third of the population lives in the centrally located capital city of Male and almost a tenth in southern Addu City; the remainder of the population is spread over the 200 or so populated islands of the archipelago.
The ethnic composition of the country is a homogeneous mixture of Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, Australasian, and African.
Consumer Behaviour
Maldivian consumers are open to foreign brands, with competitive pricing, availability, and reliable after-sales servicing all being important factors for success in the local market.
Companies should adapt to religious preferences when developing a marketing strategy; for example, provisions should be made for halal processing to cater to Muslims.
Consumer credit is common, and people in the Maldives often rely on personal loans for the majority of their needs.
Consumers Associations
Consumer Association of Maldives
Main Advertising Agencies
Think Advertising
Yey Studio
Creative Agency Maldives

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