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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

According to data from the CIA, the industrial sector contributes an estimated 15.4% of GDP, agriculture 28.6% and services sector 56%. Main industrial sub-sectors are manufacturing and food processing. Main crops produced in the country are tobacco, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cotton, sorghum, potatoes and corn (maize). Segments found under the tertiary sector include tourism, health services, the banking sector, and telecommunications.

Sector-specific professional associations

1 professional associations listed for Malawi.

Malawian multisector Business directories

Malawi YP - Malawi's business directory

Malawian Marketplaces

Sample of marketplaces incorporated in Malawi (A to Z)


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Upcoming Trade shows in Malawi

June 4th, 2024
Natural resource management, ecology - Pollution - Raw materials, materials, metals - Raw materials, mines, quarries - Earth sciences

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