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Consumer Profile
With a GDP per capita of USD 22,240 (IMF, 2021) and a median age of 44.5 years (CIA World Factbook, 2020 est.), the average Lithuanian consumer is around the same age as consumers in other Baltic states and has a wealth status comparable to theirs (lower than Estonia, higher than Latvia) (World Bank). Lithuanian population is rapidly shrinking (-1.04% net growth rate coupled with a net migration rate of -4.75 migrants/1,000 population - CIA World Factbook, 2021 est.) and the share of the young population in the age structure is relatively low (people aged 0-24 years account for 25.49% of the total population - CIA World Factbook, 2020 est.).

The Lithuanian consumer is still price-sensitive despite a steady GDP growth as the purchasing power is not as high as in most European Union countries. The consumer market is also characterised by considerable income inequality as Lithuania has a Gini index score of 35.4 points (one of the highest in the EU - EU average standing at 30.2 points) (Eurostat, 2019 latest data available).
Consumer Behaviour
The market for consumer products in Lithuania is fragmented. Consumer preferences differ according to income, age and social group. More affluent consumers consider brand name and quality to be important selling points, with price an indicator of quality. In general, the Lithuanian consumer considers foreign goods to be a synonym of high quality. Lithuania’s growing economy has led to an increase in consumer confidence and household spending. Consumers have also become more interested in new health trends and gourmet food along with other discretionary items, and expect better customer service. As a sign of economic improvement, there has been a considerable drop in price promotion campaigns.
Consumers Associations
State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (VVTAT)
Lithuanian Consumer Institute
Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations (LVOA)
Main Advertising Agencies
New! Creative Agency
AD Fingers
Not Perfect
MediaCom Lithuania

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