flag Libya Libya: Statistical Overview

Capital: Tripoli


Total Population: 6,735,277
Natural Increase: 1.2%
Density: 4 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 81.0%
Population of main cities (including suburbs): Tripoli (940,700); Benghazi (562,100); Misratah (502,700); Murqub (448,300); Jafara (443,800)
Ethnic Origins: About 89% is Arab and/or Berber. The country has a very large majority of Arabs, a few Tuaregs (essentially in the Fezzan, along the border with Algeria and Niger) and a minority that identifies as Berber (in the Djebel Nefusa and at Zwara). (Bureau of Statistics and Census Libya)
Official Language: Arabic
Other Languages Spoken: English, Italian.
Business Language(s): English
Religion: Sunni Muslims (97% of the population).
Literacy Rate: 84.2%

Local Time:

It is %T:%M %A In Tripoli

Exchange Rate on :

National Currency: Lybian Dinar (LYD)

Country Overview

Area: 1,759,540 km²
Type of State: Republic (in transition).
Type of Economy: Upper-middle-income economy dependent on the hydrocarbon sector. The country is in economic transition..
Since 1999, the Libyan authorities have aimed at making the Libyan economy more efficient through a policy of opening up and liberalization which benefits the private sector and investment. Libya is currently facing a political transition which affects its economy.
HDI*: 0.724/1
HDI (World Rank): 94/188

Note: (*) The HDI, Human Development Index, is an Indicator Which Synthesizes Several Data Such as Life Expectancy, Level of Education, Professional Careers, Access to Culture etc.



Telephone Code:
To call from Libya, dial 00
To call Libya, dial +218
Internet Suffix: .ly
Telephone Lines: 12.6 per 100 Inhabitants
Internet Users: 19.9 per 100 Inhabitants
Access to Electricity: 100% of the Population

Foreign Trade in Figures

Foreign Trade Indicators 20172018201920202021
Imports of Goods (million USD) 11,35713,78616,54313,39618,972
Exports of Goods (million USD) 18,37929,83025,7327,74128,986
Imports of Services (million USD) 3,7494,5286,53800
Exports of Services (million USD) 10713413400

Source: WTO – World Trade Organisation, Latest data available.


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