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The distribution network in Kazakhstan

Evolution of the Sector
According to the Kazakh State National Agency of Statistics, volume of retail trade in January-July of 2018 year amounted 5298,2 billion KZT and is expected to grow 5,6% in 2018.
The distribution of the retail turnover shows that the sector is still in an early stage:
-    43,3% of the business is made by individual entrepreneurs
-    29,9% of the turnover is made by small companies
-    8,4% by medium size companies
-    18,6% by large enterprises
The distribution circuits in Kazakhstan are first of all composed of markets where the prices are globally lower than those in the stores, mini markets and shopping centres. Almaty counts 73 markets and Astana 23; the chain of supermarkets Ramstore has opened 6 stores in Almaty, 2 in Astana, and one in Chimkent and Karaganda. The retail market volume is concentrated between: Almaty city (30,5% of the total); Astana city (12,3%); Karagandy and East Kazakhstan (by 8,8%)
Market share
The main retail distributors of food products, clothing, perfumery, household and other consumer products are Magnum Cash&Carry, RAMSTORE, INTERFOOD, ESENTAI GOURMET, STOLICHNY and SILK WAY SUPERMARKET (MyGuideKazakhstan).

Foreign distributors have started to invest heavily in the country:

  • Metro: the brand is present in the country with 6 stores since 2008 (according to the distributor's website)
  • Fix Price: as stated by the Russian market player on its website, there are currently 3 stores in Kazakhstan in 2021

Grocery retailer chains such as Ramstore, Gourmet and Macrocenter are expected to continue to expand. Magnum Cash&Carry leads sales in Kazakhstan and is part of the most successful top 10 companies in the country. According to Euromonitor International, its success can be attributed to its offering of good products at affordable prices. The company’s stores offer various consumer goods, including bakery products, meat, fish, gastronomy, grocery, cookery, confectionery, dairy, baby food, salads, bread, dough, cakes, and semi-finished products. It operates through 89 shopping centres in Almaty, Astana, Kaskelen, Karaganda, Taldykorgan, Shymkent and Petropavlovsk. To find out more about the Grocery Retailers in Kazakhstan, you can consult the country report by Euromonitor International.

Retail Sector Organisations
National Chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic Kazakhstan
Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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