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Business law in Burkina Faso

Legal Framework

Independence of Justice
The constitution (article 129) and law of Burkina Faso prohibit arbitrary arrest and detention, and provide for an independent judiciary. According to NGOs, however, the judiciary is still corrupt, inefficient, and subject to executive influence. The law presumes defendants are innocent. Defendants have the right to be informed promptly and in detail of the charges.
Equal Treatment of Nationals and Foreigners
Foreigners are formally granted the same rights and obligations as nationals.
The Language of Justice
Recourse to an Interpreter
Courts provide interpretation services.
Sources of the Law and Legal Similarities
Burkina Faso’s legal system is based on civil law and is largely derived from the French legal system. The hierarchy of laws in Burkina Faso is as follows: the constitution, regularly signed and ratified international treaties, acts of parliament, ordinances, decrees.
Checking National Laws Online
Library of the Congress website

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