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Investment framework and opportunities in Burkina Faso

Procedures Relative to Foreign Investment

Freedom of Establishment
Under the investment code, all personal and legal entities lawfully established in Burkina Faso, both local and foreign.
Acquisition of Holdings
Most of the sectors are fully open to foreign capital participation. In fact, the Burkinabe investment code prohibits discrimination against foreign investors. However, there are some restrictions: for example the state automatically owns 10% of the shares of all companies active in the mining sector and is entitled to appoint one member of the board of directors for such companies. Furthermore, the law requires companies providing mobile or wireless communication services to have at least one domestic shareholder. Other additional strategic sectors have a monopolistic market structures (in particular the oil and gas sector, the electricity transmission and distribution sectors, and the fixed-line telephony sector)
Obligation to Declare
Foreign companies who want to establish a business in Burkina Faso have to follow the same procedure as local ones.
Competent Organisation For the Declaration
Chamber of Commerce business registration
Requests For Specific Authorisations
Foreigners are guaranteed an equal treatment and are entitled to the following rights: fixed property; forest and industrial rights; concessions; administrative authorizations; access to permits; and participation in state contracts. There is no specific authorizations required.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment Aid Agency
Burkina Faso Investment Promotion Agency (Agence de Promotion des Investissements du Burkina Faso - API-BF)
Tenders, Projects and Public Procurement
Tenders Info
Global Tenders
Africa Gateway
Other Useful Resources
Investment opportunities in Burkina Faso - Official government publication (in french)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso

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