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Main Useful Means of Transport
The main means of transport in Algeria, for import and export, is by sea. The main commercial ports are: Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Djendjen; they total over 75% of port traffic (apart from hydrocarbons). The port of Algiers is the leading commercial port in the country. The global volume of traffic registered by these ports each year is more than 150 million tons and has been steadily increasing.

Nevertheless, according to the Ministry of Transport, all the airport services management companies (EGSA) together register an increase of 2% of the volume of freight handled every year. Air Algérie, the country's main airline, handles more than 13,000,000 tons in a year.

The distances to be travelled by land are long. The motorway network is still limited, but a recent government investment programme is modernising existing corridors and expanding the network. In the absence of reliable statistics on the activity of private sector road transport, it is very difficult to estimate the real volume of goods travelling by road in Algeria.

The National Rail Transport Company (SNTF) carry an average of 5 million tons of goods each year.

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